I have never, ever even been on an airplane

In almost exactly two weeks I am going to the US of A. And I am going to make the trip from Denmark to US by airplane. If I had a couple of months of vacation time - or if I was so filthy rich I didn't need to work at all - I'd probably go by trains and big boats. Actually I disapprove of boats in general, and small boats in particular; when it comes to crafts which are not big enough to have a couple of decent tennis courts and, preferably, a dirt track for motocross, I'm outta there. Or rather: I stay ashore. However if the boat is big enough to give me the impression that I am really on an island, and not sailing at all... I'll go. I'd sail all the way to the states, probably going all 'Mayflower'-ish when arriving in New York, or something.

Well I'm not filthy rich and I don't have several month's worth of vacation time, so I am going to board an airplane, and lay my life in the (I hope) capable hands of an assembly of pilots, navigators, air traffic controllers, ground crew mechanics, and stewards/stewardesses.

I'm not nervous.

No, I'm not scared of flying. Or rather: I don't think I am. I don't rightly know yet, since this trip will include my first two airfare experiences ever. But I don't feel scared by the idea of flying. I am quite looking forward to the experience. I like driving fast in my car, and as far as I have been told I shall have my desire for speed fulfilled and then some, when the airplane hurtles down the runway at takeoff. It'll be great.

I have a window seat, well behind the wing, so I'll be able to get a good view of whatever there will be to look at, the entire eight hours we are on the move. Most of the time we'll be flying over the Atlantic but I suppose there'll be clouds and stuff to look at. From above. How cool is that?

I've had lots of advice on what to do with the popping ear phenomenon, and anyway I suppose the flight attendants will be at hand with chewing gum or whatever. It is going to be so great.

Oh... by the way: I picked up my passport only a couple of days ago. I am good to go!

And now I'm home again. If you want to know a little about my trip, it's here, somewhere below Braunbeck's awesome tale of horror...