A smiling bus driver

This afternoon was rainy and cold as I was on my way home from work. I was wet and miserable, waiting at the bus stop together with a bunch of equally wet and miserable people. My bus - 1A - came rolling up the bus lane. Its sign said Not In Service, meaning the driver was just taking the bus from point X to point Y before either beginning or ending his shift. So we all took a step back since we knew he wasn't going to stop.

But he stopped and opened the doors. Smiling at us all from within his warm and dry bus he called out to us:

"Come on in! No need to stand in the rain. I am just going back to the garage now, but you may just as well come along. I'm going by the usual route anyway."

We milled onboard the bus, smiling at eachother and the driver. He practically beamed behind his wheel, greeting each new passenger with a smile and a nod as he made it back to the garage through the rainy, dark streets.

My smile lasted all the way to my stop, and I remembered to give the driver a wave as I got off. He smiled at me in the rear view mirror. Outside it was still raining, but I didn't mind as much, all of a sudden. It's nice to know there are people like that out there...