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Im a 21 year old chef from Sweden. All i do all day is dream. Soo that's why my Icelantic friends call's me Draumafíkill. If you want too know what that meens. You just haft too take your time and get too know me.

Soo why should i write? My english typing suck's, my only intressets are reading, playing poker (dont try making a living out of it, its hard) and diving. Well people read every day, and they know more then me. There are tons of great poker playes that could brake my back in two shakes of a lions tail, soo why bother bringing that up? And diving? Well its not like im working on a Norweigan Oil Platform 100meter down the deep blue sea. I usally keep to freediving old shipwrechs in fresh water.

Soo why would u wanna read my work? I dunnor really. Your better of masturbating to the inventory list of your first aid kit. But its perhaps like my few close friends sayes: "We cant explain why, we just like read what you type"

"Folk ser oftast inte när en vacker stjärna lyser upp himmelen, utan märker först när den faller"