Agent X is a super-person who stars in the Marvel comic of the same name. His comic was started by the same team who wrote for Deadpool, right before Deadpool's comic ended. That's Gail Simone writing, with Udon doing the art. He has Deadpool's sense of humor, Deadpool's healing power, Deadpool's weapons, and he showed up at Deadpool's assistant’s doorstep without any memory right after Deadpool got blown up.
But he's not Deadpool.

Don't listen to his friends who think he's Deadpool, he's really not Deadpool.



Agent X: A man who showed up with a burning desire to become a mercenary and no memory. He chose the name Alex Haydn for himself, and set out.
Sandi: Alex’s friend/boss/assistant. She was Deadpool’s assistant before he disappeared. Taskmaster’s Ex.
Taskmaster: Sandi’s Ex, he agrees to train Agent X mostly because it involves stabbing him a lot and waiting for him to regenerate. Not to fond of Alex, but he’ll work with him if he has to.
Outlaw: A crazy mercenary girl who acts very, very Texan. Alex’s friend and lover.

Gail Simone and Udon have both left the comic, and so Marvel announced the series will end with issue twelve. Damn.