As with (all) my daylog(s), References to Edinburgh geography are included for my personal amusement, as well as for those of you who know the place. You do not need to know the city to read this, but it might help a bit.

Ever get that feeling that today is a day upon which the Universe, out of nothing but boredom, has decided to fuck you around?

Note to self and others: Bank Holidays Considered Harmful. I waited half an hour for a bus this morning, only to overhear another conversation and find out that the busses are running a Saturday Timetable, and the bus I'm waiting for, (a 45, fact fans) will not arrive today. So I improvise another route into Uni, which involves a 25. Once on Princes St, I get on a 25A, which I have always found to be more or less the same as a 25, but takes me to within a mile of the University, and stops.

Saturday Timetable. On Saturdays, the 25A distinguishes itself from a bona fide 25 by going all the way out to Sighthill, but not making the extra iota of effort to go out to the Heriot-Watt Campus. So I get off and wait for a 25. Thankfully, they are running today, and every ten minutes at that, so I don't have long to wait.

I arrive at the campus to an eerie absence of people. There are a few folk around, but no-one immediately identifiable as a student. I put this down to the fact that it is Monday morning, and the first day back after a generous Easter break. People will surface. The place will bustle. In time.

I walk down through the main building, towards the door leading to the Physics department, through which I will walk onwards to, and through, Chemistry on my way to Computing and Electrical Engineering, where I will check my grades from last term, check my email, speak to Rick and generally settle in to a hard days pretending-to-work.

The door to the Physics department is locked.

The door to the Physics department is never locked. That door is the only 'indoors' route from the main building to the science and engineering departments, all of which are clumped together on the north side of the campus, and one of which I need to access today in order to do stuff.

I go outside and walk round to the Comp/Elec.Eng building. Locked. W. T. F. ?. Oh wait, of course.....

Bank Holidays Considered Harmful.

I was informed that term starts today, Monday the 16th of April. Someone was misinformed. Or someone (or something) is fucking me around. I have the distinct impression that today, like all Bank Holidays, is not a day upon which to try and do anything important requiring the co-operation of The Infrastructure.

Home. I go home. I stop, as I am required to do in order to change bus, in town and pop into Starbucks to drink a Grande coffee and read some more of Second Foundation.

And as I get home it occurs to me that today, of all days, I am taking the evening to travel to Glasgow to attend The Fear Factory concert being held there, and I don't even know how to get to the venue. My travelling companion assures me that he knows how to get there from the bus station, but I was planning to go by train. Anyone here who knows Glasgow and could give me a rough how-to on getting to The Garage nightclub from Queen St Station will be in reciept of at least three days' worth of systematic upvoting!


Update: We got to the venue with no hassle at all, it was actually pretty straightforward. Oh, and it was an incredible show! I'll try and put together a writeup on it in the next couple of days.