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My name is Maria de la O.I kind of hate my name,I wish I could change it.One of my self-proclaimed nicknames is ''The Mistress'',which I hope to get tattoed on my lower back,if I don't kill myself before I turn 18.I am absolutely obsessed with fashion and love wearing outfits with excessive amounts of bracelets,barrettes,necklaces,earrings,arm stockings,gloves,tights,knee socks,leggings skirts,pants,makeup...whatever.Fashion is my obsession.I also like writing,mainly about my own life and personal experiences,most of which can be depressing.I sometimes even write ''morbid poetry'' about eating disorders,unrequited love,suicide,self-harm and hatred,jealousy,and other pessimistic things.I am interested in eating disorders,probably because I used to have one.My favorite TV shows are LOST,The OC,The Bad Girls Club,and Hey Arnold.I like dancing,too.Ideally,I would want to become an actress(My audition for Leah Clearwater is on YouTube,search ''Maria de la O Leah Clearwater''),model,writer,and perhaps designer,but in real life,I am considering becoming a stripper.I think I could be pretty good at it.My family doesn't really know about any of those aforementioned things,other than the fashion.They would freak out.I want true love so desperately,but in all honesty I think I will never find it because I am not worthy.Please add me on facebook,I would love to talk and listen and make friends! (Facebook search:''Muirrieyah de la O'',and add me as soon as possible!!!!Thank you!!!!