You'll excuse me for jumping the gun, I hope. Tomorrow, Monday, is my twentieth birthday.
Holy shit I'm 20!

(As, I noticed, it is the B-day of ModernAngel and Templeton. Happy Birthday to us!)

Tomorrow will probably be relatively normal, which is interesting, considering the fact that the date signifies the beginning of my third decade of existence. You'd think there'd be a to-do. A reckoning. A party.


The most likely exciting thing to happen to me is that I'll get my Sacrifice Beta Test CD, (See my wu on September 23, 2000) and spend most of the day playing that. I'm hoping prole will get back to me about mayhap going to lunch tomorrow. She seems like an interesting person, and getting to know someone I met online, IRL is something I've never had the opportunity to do before.

All in all, a peacful transition from teenagerdom to .... uh.... something closely approximating adulthood. (??)

self-effacing humor for my new year ---> On the morn of my third decade....