Have you ever done something simple, something that most people would consider to be ho hum drudgery, that makes you really proud of yourself and reminds you of your own independence?

I am a college student. As with most of my fellow college types, I do not have a car. Now, in this modern society, this makes everything from hair cuts to a "good" dinner difficult at best. When you're going grocery shopping, this is especially true. So, at about 6:00 today, I hop the bus and head into town. As with going anywhere on a bus, it takes me an hour to get to the nearest Safeway. I walk from the bus stop to the Safeway, five city blocks. I get the cart, do the shopping thing. I got some Honey Mustard Pretzels. Yum. I check out, declining to have my purchasing habits tracked by the Safeway card, and walk the five blocks back to the bus stop carrying three heavy plastic bags of food and a twelve pack of soda. I hop the bus and come home. It only took me three hours.... :)

So, I imagine you saying "What did you do that made you proud of yourself?" I just told you. I have no car. My mommy didn't buy me one. My daddy (if I still talked to him) didn't either. I have to make my own way in the world, pay for my own groceries, live my own life.

So if you don't understand why this makes me proud, fine. But if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have a coke.

I deserve it.