Addendum to the above, as my traveling companion is not me, and did not see my evidence for the paranormal features of this particular Safeway. I went towards the deli to grab a diet soda from the little fridge thingie they always have there. Put it on the counter, dug my credit card out of my wallet, looked up........into a white face.

Now, I'm no class warrior or anything, I have no opinions either way about people of non-nothern european origin working anywhere in any job. But I have never been to a safeway where the deli was not manned by a cacophany of different ethnic backgrounds, none of them honkies.

I look to the right, further back into the deli area. Two more employees, both white. All three are clean, with well done hair cuts, clean uniforms, and no evidence of being welfare mommies or daddies. Rattled, I pay for my soda and await prole's emergence from the bathroom.

She does, and informs me of the creepiness there. I decline to investigate the mens room, certain that I'll be destroyed before I can return to the awaiting vehicle. She also, I can tell, notices the odd racial mix of the employees behind the deli counter, but instead of mentioning it, buys some Jo-Jos.

Soda and Jo-Jos obtained, we flee for our lives from the small pocket dimension which had taken up residence near the I-5's offramp.
I hope never to see such a scary sight again.