Name: Dwayne Johnson
Professional Name: Dr. Evil-Beyond-Belief
010101 Evil Secret Way
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

To associate myself with a successful supervillain or supervillain gang, and through that association be an integral member of a faction which comes to rule the planet. I also really need a good dental plan right now.


  • Azazel's school for Chaotic Evil Boys and Girls - Received Diploma
  • 4 years, Antioch college - Graduated with a Bachelor of Science, double major in Biology/Torture
  • 4 years, Evil Medical School - Graduated with Phd. in Vivisection and Invention


  • Mr. Death-Monster
  • Joined a supervillain contingent created by a few of of my college chums. Acted as Evil/Mad Scientist.
  • Created poisonous gas which strips superheroes of their powers.
  • Business folded when supervillain gang was mostly killed by Mr. I'm Nicer than You. Escaped from holding cell through use of secret store of acid.

  • Villains R' We
  • Recruited by The Nefarious Cloud of Smokey-Evil. Acted as research assistant for Dr. Kills-lots-of-furry-critters.
  • Assisted in creation of a Death ray capable of destroying the moon.
  • Business folded when supervillain gang was broken up by the Just-Us Squad.

  • Monkeys from Orbit
  • Self Employed. Venture's purpose was to create a space-based weapon which would rain down vicious, rabid monkeys on the populace of the planet.
  • Business folded when the space station was destroyed by Barbie Beat em' Up.