(I can't believe I'm *responding* to a writeup. Twice in one week, jeez.)

re: jkfghdagv's writeup in Useful Latin Phrases

Buddy (who, now that I look at your home node, I realize you will never read this), if whizkid hadn't done it on his own, I would have asked for it to be nuked. whizkid's comment was right on the money. The title of the node is Useful latin phrases. Now, the intended purpose of said node was *not* to do those cute things we did in high school to interpret latin words in ways that let us use then improperly. "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" was not what I was going for, okay?

re: Other stuff which probably doesn't belong in a Daylog. Sorry.

I would like to address a phenomenon that I've only experienced lately. err......Are we being too exclusive? Now, I'm not pointing fingers at the editors or gods, per se. I think you folks do good work. But, just yesterday, stile came on here for the first time, and even though I was trying to help him, thanks to a misunderstood comment in the catbox, he got really pissed, called us nazi's, and I believe has now fled. Now, granted, he seemed a bit tightly wound. But this other guy, jkfghdagv, despite having an unpronouncable name, was a monk! Looking through the stuff he had on the system, it wasn't that bad. He had some good writeups. So why did this guy or gal freak out and leave?

I don't have the answers to this, hence my questioning out in the open like this. I think it takes a certain kind of person to be a long term noder, and thus, to a degree, exclusivity is a good thing. But if relatively long term users are suddenly up and storming out ... well, we should probably address that.

Just as a side note, the writeup s/he made before the one above was an E2 Nuke Request to nuke the site itself, or at least his/her homenode and all his/her individual nodes. This writeup was cooled. Make of that what you will.