The answer to the question theoretically posed by this node would in fact be more along the lines of

"There are no Dinosaurs in the bible because the bible was written in and around the year 0 C.E., when many areas of scientific inquiry, paleontology included, were in quite crude forms."

Additionally, the bible is almost universally recognized, even amongst christians, as being an allegorical work of parables and examples. Thus, the writers of the bible would have little room left in the book for talk of any dead critters. The staggering amount of apocrypha will atest to this.

theonomist, your particular statement above bears examination. Now, when I'm posed a question by something I read on here, my first thought is to go a-researching, which means (of course) hitting google. Now, on my very first search, I came up with several seperate species in and around the holy land, some of them in the dinosauria group, and some of them in the group which is most commonly refered to as "marine reptiles". This is because, my good theo, the area we now know as Israel, Palestine, etc, was once the bottom of a sea. (The British Isles was a tiny lil' group of sandbars on the very edge of the thing.)

Therefore, the fact that relatively fewer fossil samples have been found in the traditional Jehovan stomping grounds is more a testament to the fact that the existence of Dinosaurs and that part of the world being dry land only overlapped for a very short time. I.E., your friendly neighborhood ubergroup died out before they had a chance to infest it as readily as, say, China or North America, both of which are areas of the world which were abovewater for a long, long time. (Or, more correctly in the case of America, had bits that went underwater and dried out a couple of times, making for some interesting evolutionary patterns.)

I knew someone would be responding to this as I worked. Shouldn't have answered that phone call. Pimephalis's quoting above is what I found in my google search.