It's the end of the summer. For me, at least. Today, I had the dubious pleasure of dealing with two unpleasant truths.

First: My best friend is cheating on his girlfriend. Not only that, but I'm her friend, too. Made even more difficult is the fact that I found this out yesterday, the day after I'd returned from Iowa, where I visited the "happy" couple, only to have dinner with the other party in the cheating, and discover that my best friend didn't trust me enough to tell me this. What does this mean? Am I untrustworthy? Is the fact that we've had six long, interesting, more-or-less happy years together simple that, a fact? Does it mean nothing to him? Does it mean that I look into things too much, and need to get a life?

Second: I leave for school again tomorrow. Returning to the misty bosom of Washington for some education. My younger brother is entering college for the first time in a few days. And I've had to deal with the fact, today, and recently, that I'm not as "good" a person as he. He's more honest, more likable, more hireable, and in better shape. My mother, and others around the homestead, listen to his ideas more willingly, react to his jokes more, and generally consider him a better investment of their time than I. Does this mean that I have to meet up to a standard set by my *younger* brother? Does this mean that, although I'm more "worldly" and experianced than he is, he's somehow more valid? Dealing with an obviously stupid inferiority complex is not what I had in mind for a three day train ride.