Barnes and Noble, Love, and the difference that three months makes.

In two weeks I return to the shadowy shores of this continent, to continue my schooling at The Evergreen State College. This has been an.....eventful summer.

Item the First:
My brief resume can now include a month and a half stint as a lead bookseller at the Microsoft of book stores, Barnes and Noble. Worry not, fair noder, upon my return full time to noding, I will regale you with tales a plenty about the fun and happy time at the B&N.

Item the Second:
I once again can refer to someone as "The Girl", and be referring to someone in reference to myself. Technically speaking, we've only been dating about two and a half months, but in reality we would have been dating for about 3 years. Long Story. Get to that one later too.

Item the Third:
Umm...I don't really have anything else, other than amused exclamations about the new acoutrements on our beloved website. (Multiple cools? By cracky, I remember back in 99..)

Anywho, more talky later. My thanks to anyone who muddled through this.