This is a bad node

To date, I have made one attempt at writing a daylog. That attempt was yesterday. I didn't actually submit it and instead managed to lose it in a server error. I was pissed for more than one reason.

I was going to write some angsty, nihilistic, existential self-defeatism. I was quite angered when it was deleted because you just cannot reproduce bullshit like that. It seems that my attempts at introspection, however, resulted in more angst, nihilism, and exhistentialism. I have determined that the Daylog is the bane of my personal existance, and I hereby vow not to write another one. It has done nothing in the way of allowing me to vent and has, instead, magnified my crappy mood. It seems that, upon realizing that I was upset over nothing, I did not simply recover, but rather got angry with myself for having been upset over nothing and thus creating a reson to be upset. This pisses me off.

Right after joining the dead tree quest I have suceeded in altering my state of mind sufficiently to prohibit any clear thought or social observation that my writing relies on. This pisses me off.

As a result of this, I hereby pledge that this will be the last and only getting to know you node that I node. I consider this node to be inferior for a few reasons, which I shall now go into for the benefit of those who will soon be downvoting it.

  • This node has no real content
    • It contains no researched facts. This node is not scientifically relevant.
    • This node contains no substantial insights into anyone other than me. This node is not socially relevant.
    • This node does not propose any interesting or radical ideas about the nature of reality or anything else. This node is not Philosophically relevant.
    • Any radical ideas I may have had will have already occured to others.
  • This node contains no technical skill.
    • There is no interesting linguistic devices in this node. This node is not scholastically relevant.
    • This node contains a blatant overuse of parallel structure. This node is not varied in its usage of syntax. This node is not entertaining.
    • This node does not contain interesting and somewhat obscure words, such as Zoroastrianism and perdition; nor does it contain colorful adjectives or hyperbole, such as astoundingly, outrageously, or beyond all understaing. This node is not stylistically relevant.
    • This node may contain typeos, I have not thouroughly checked through it.
  • This node is difficult to read
    • Overuse of the bulleted list tag has lead to a discontinuity that is not easy on the eye.
    • This node contains much repetition, which has been mentioned before, and may cause the reader to lose interest. This node is aesthetically irrelevant.
    • This node does not contain its acceptable allotment of pronouns, therefore fostering the incessant repetition of the noun phrase "This Node."
    • This node contains both commentary pipelinks, informational pipelinks, and standard links. This may be confusing to the reader who is expecting commentary, yet, upon hovering their mouse over a word, finds that it is a standard link. This node requires work to read.

This is a terrible node, I admit, and I feel that its presence may serve the same purpose for me that the THE LOUD NODE serves for the rest of us; we can do better than that.