Originally when it was founded back in the mid-70's White Dwarf was a good general role-playing game's magazine. It covered D&D, AD&D, Runequest, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, and many more. This was back when Games Workshop was a company importing and selling all these in the UK. Ian Livingstone was the editor.

It was well enough regarded that they were allowed to print the AD&D combat tables from the Dungeon Master's Guide in issue 13 some 6 months before the guide was published (they were also printed in Dragon Magazine). This issue sold out very quickly.

It also used to some fun comics including "Thrud the Barbarian" and "Travellers" (my favourite). The first comic (whose name I can't remember) was a very early example of the work of David Lloyd (who drew V for Vendetta).

As well as scenarios, reviews, and little games it also used to publish fiction. This included some very funny columns etc. by Dave Langford (editor etc. of the Hugo winning fanzine Ansible).

One high point was that they brought out a set of lead figures to commemorate their fiftieth issue. This included Thrud and Ian the Editor.

Unfortunately when Citadel Miniatures bought Games Workshop they turned White Dwarf into a monthly catalogue for their miniatures with no other real role-playing content at all.

When this happened the editorial offices were moved from London to Nottingham and I believe that basically none of the editorial staff moved. Their last issue (ninety-something with the old Heavy Metal poster as the cover) is interesting. I suggest reading the first letter of each line of the article subtitles on the title page (it is a personal message for the new owner).