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mission drive within everything
Everything itself is a massive body of information that only latter finds problems to be a solution to; I like to think of myself as an entity of very similar nature
whatsoever my hand finds to do
the universe must be faced as it is, not as we would like it to be
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In the long run... (idea)
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I am not a unique, beautiful snowflake.

I am unique, yes, but not beautiful, and I know this, for I was robbed long ago
of the delusion that makes most people's existence bearable: the assumption
that someone is watching.

There are compensations. This lie produces as much pain as it does comfort,
after all. 

Nevertheless, I shall not add to the sea of white noise that is the true
threat to our freedom of speech, a threat because the mundane drowns out the
meaningful, and the freedom to speak implies the freedom to be heard. 

Censorship is less deadly than a ocean of humanity screaming separate
banalities of the top of separate voices, and vanishing in a meaningless wall
of sound.

Everyone wants to be unique, special. But if everyone is unique, then no
one is. 

If you wish to discover me, read what I have written.