Here's the history of the seven and a halfth floor, as simple as I can tell it.

The 7 1/2 Floor of the Merton-Flemmer Building was a floor erected in the office building built by an Irish Sea Captain named Merton and a man who, reportedly, was named Flemmer.

Captain Merton came to America, his dream to erect an office building. However, he was approached by a woman of small stature, a dwarf. The short woman told him that the ceilings of the floors in Merton's building were too high, a slap in the face to all persons of short stature.

Captain Merton was taken aback by the woman's words, and impressed. He told her that he would make her his wife, and that he would create a floor in his building for her and her "cursed kind."

The current lease-owners are Lestercorp.

(From Being John Malkovich)