Ah, the Day Log: I remember this thing! Keep in mind, I'm totally cool with daylogs, I don't think daylogs suck, I've been really busy, is all. It's difficult to node what's not noded already, I'm finding. I'm having to hit Random Node again and again, just so I can find a topic. It doesn't always work, I'm not ashamed to tell you. It's actually sort of fun. Even though Webster_1913 comes up a fuck of a lot.

But I'm saying things that have already been said somewheres else, aren't I?

I'm composing this in Notepad - the only part of Windows that hasn't gone fubar on me at least once - and I'm voting simultaneously. This is hard. But I love some of the gems I find in Random Nodes, stuff by Webster_1913. Some's damned incomprehensible.

I'd like to relate, if I could, some of my thoughts regarding the writing process. That is, the writing process as it relates to me. If it were any different, and if I felt as if I were a qualified and accomplished enough writer to speak for a great portion of people, this would be its own node. Also, I'd probably be in university, ready to teach high school english.

I've been encountering a lot of difficulty. Up until now, it's always been somewhat of a game to me. Writing has always been something that I felt I had an aptitude for. The stringing together of word and word into a sentence, sentence and sentence into paragraph. And so on. It's a lot deeper than just coming up with cool-sounding fluff, I've found:

The boyish figure stood, with its hand outstretched, and he knew that, even with the madness upon him, that he could see the stars bouncing off the blood on the ground.

Ha. Sounds cool. Also needs work. Needs to be better. I am presently engrossed in E2's fiction. There's not a lot, I'm afraid to say, not as much as there should be. What I've been doing is, aside from reading at home (I'm putting my present reads at the bottom, just for you! That's right, You!), is taking a gander at E2's fiction, and them comparing it to my own. I am better than some, I am worse than some. In my own opinion, which I will NOT share in some ways, I am in the lower half. My writing is shit, compared to some of the lovely work I've read here. This makes me feel good.

It means that I can get better, actually. That's what it means to me. It means that I can, even though I have a gift, better that gift. I'm not going to kid myself and say that I'm going to be the next great big name, after I better myself. I won't.

(For example, look at all those tiny words above. It looks uglier as I continue to stare at it. But fuck it, this is just a day log, I'm not too worried.)

Actually, I think I'll get my shit together and node lots of stuff about writing, that I'm gleaning from various stories. But I guess it should be said: read all the time. It helps. With that said, I'll stop rushing this daylog, and go eat. Here's that list:

Dreamcatcher, Stephen King

Shogun, James Clavell

Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk

Fire Sea, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman

Secret Windows, Stephen King