Accipiter points out this node should've been placed in August 11, 2002, but I didn't. Oops.

Even the most mundane of Sundays can be incredibly fun and interesting, if your eyes are wide open to your surroundings. Permit me to elucidate; I'll not weave a horribly lengthy tale.

Today, the family had to go pick up a few things at Save-On Foods (a huge supermarket chain here in western Canada), so we figured we would also take the time to fill our child with McDonald's, in between flying up--and down--the slide. McDonald's is remarkably filling food, especially when engorging oneself on fountain Sprite to wash down the saltiness of the fries. So naturally, I had to use the washroom before leaving.

McDonald's is not world renowned for its tidy bathrooms. I didn't want to use the urinal, so I attempted to shut the broken-locked door of the bathroom stall. While doing my business I note there's very little graffiti on the walls. There are two scribbles on the inside of the door. They said:

Bill J. sucks!


so does RUSSIA!

Seeing this, and being a noder who hangs out in #e, I committed a small crime. I had to. Because being a noder who hangs out in #e affords one to have the opportunity to come upon little memes which stick out in the mind, for no clear reason. So, I had to write the following underneath, in small, black letters:

In Soviet Russia, Bill J. sucks YOU!

As an aside to this, after we'd picked up our groceries and gotten in to the cab, I noticed one further golden trinket of information, if I ever need it: in Alberta, the vanity plate TURGID is taken by a blue Toyota Tercel.

Random additional fact: today is my deadbeat dad's birthday.