I ate a plate full of spaghetti for breakfast this morning. I woke up early and was milling around and suddenly I thought to myself, "You know? Spaghetti sounds really good right now." So at 5:30 AM, before work, I stood around in my pajamas making spaghetti for breakfast.

I bought an electric razor yesterday, and after using it twice, I'm sold. My old electric razor was a very cheap thing that has actually rusted. My new razor is a higher-end Norelco model, perhaps a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I think that if I use it for a few years, it will definitely have been worth the financial investment.

I wish I had a dog. A nice, small, friendly terrier. Perhaps a rat terrier.

I am amazed today that I do not simply fall off the edge of the earth and vanish. Not that I want to die, but just to disappear for a while. Maybe stop time from moving forward, even if I were utterly by myself in the time slip.