Raul's Wild Kingdom was one of many short bits in the classic 1989 film UHF, which were examples of the type of programming that George Newman (played by "Weird Al" Yankovic) put on the air on his UHF station after the sudden popularity of Stanley Spadowski's Funhouse, another show on said station.

The skit/show starred Trinidad Silva as Raul Hernandez, a fellow hosting a wildlife show from his apartment. The show featured a variety of critters, climaxing with Raul "making poodles fly" by tossing them out of his third story apartment window. No animals were harmed in this stunt. It was actually quite a bit like Crocodile Hunter, except with an oddly hyper Hispanic fellow as host instead.

Later on, Raul reprises a famous bit from Blazing Saddles (itself borrowing from Treasure of the Sierra Madre). After receiving an errant shipment of animals for his show, he begins to shout in an irate manner, "Badgers? Badgers? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING BADGERS!" Classic stuff.