The minute of silence

In Virginia schools, this coming school year, a new law will be put into effect. This law requires students to be silent for one minute every morning. This minute can be used for silent prayer, collecting your mind, or just catching up on lost sleep. It may seem harmless to some, but is it infringing on serperation of church and state?

Some people think that this minute is a way on sneaking prayer into public schools. They think kids will be uncomfortable when they think they should pray, even if they don't want to. This could lead to problems, and could eventually lead to actual prayer in school. They believe that there should not be a minute of silence every morning.

Other people, however, think that the minute will be beneficial to kids, and will help them with their studies. They think it will give kids time to think or pray when they normally don't have time. They also think it will help kids collect themselves, and cool down, which relieves tension, and controls rage in students.

The next school year is approaching, and what will become of this new rule? Is it right? Or is it infringing on old policy? What do you think?