Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance is a internet comic strip created by Pete Abrams. It has been going since fall of 1997, and has many cult followers.

The comic strip stars Torg, a freelance web designer, who gets into all sorts of trouble. All the other characters get him into all sorts of crazy situations.

Torg's best friend, Riff, is a freelance bum, and inventor. He creates crazy devices that blow stuff up, and travel through time, and the like. He wears sunglasses, and wears a trenchcoat.

Bun Bun is Torg's pet mini-lop rabbit, who owns a switchblade, and causes much destruction. He likes to call Torg "Nerd Boy". He likes Baywatch.

That's just a few of the cast that includes Zoe, Gwynn, Sam, Kiki, Aylee, and many, many others.

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