Sometimes I look up in the night sky and see a constellation, maybe a patch of stars grouped together. They twinkle on and off, slowly, but surely. There is no doubt in the permanence of this twinkling. It is when I see these stars that I am reminded of times lost. Times I had, and times I will never have again for as long as I live.

All the days and nights I spent by your side, and all the nights on the phone. The days we would waste away just being together. I could come home, and rush to the phone.

I remember the one night I woke up to your face, and I remember how wonderful it was, and then I miss it, I miss you. I can replay every thing we did together in vivid detail.

From that first kiss, until the last one.

The times we would talk about all the little details of what happened each day. All the posters in your room, one time I ran upstairs just to count how many books I had, because I always told you the truth, I still do.

I still have the gift certificates I was going to use to take you out to dinner. The tickets from the movies we went to, I remember all those moments.

Ask me about any day or night, it"s still there, like an image burnt into my retina.

I hate it....

…because I will never have those moments again.

I will get to see your face, talk to you, and maybe even sit next to you.

I will help you out whenever you want, no questions asked.

I wish to shed a tear, I feel like breaking down every time I see you, every time I think of you.

I do not though, because...

I do not want you to know how much you have hurt me.

There in the sky every night shines a star. Hanging on the back of the picture frame, are the two bracelets.

Hanging just like the star, named after you.