I always wondered whether I had a chance with you. I thought not, but then there was last night. I picked you up at work. Your hair was in a professional ponytail. I asked what you wanted to do tonight

Drink, you said.

I drove us to the corner store where you don't need ID. You had a long day. You put your head on my shoulder and fell asleep while I was driving. I liked that.

You woke up and asked me whether I liked how your hair smelled, and I assured you it smelled fantastic. You asked me if it turned me on.

It doesn't turn me off, I replied.

We picked up our stuff at that gas station where your friend works. You went right back to sleep on my shoulder as I drove to my house. You could've slept on my shoulder forever, for all I cared.

We arrived home and lied on my couch, careful not to wake my father. I put in the DVD, the fourth season of Friends, and then I got us a blanket. We shared it, you put your legs on top of mine, then we commenced to drinking.

We fell asleep. My father must've seen us in the morning, seen the bottles, but this afternoon he didn't have a damn thing to say. As long as we weren't driving, I suppose.

We woke up at ten. I have two showers, so we both got in them. You asked if I had conditioner. I asked, what is conditioner?

I drove you to work, and today was my day off, so I went to an interview downtown. I have a job, but this one is a better deal, potentially. I aced it and you were so happy for me. We made plans to meet up tonight, but you 86ed them at the last minute, but said, tomorrow night. We will put on nice clothes and go someplace fancy. I am looking forward.

Arrived home this afternoon. My brother found your elastic in the bathroom. I wonder how you wore a ponytail to work today. It smells like the shampoo, like your hair did last night.

I don't know whether I have a chance with you. But I do have your hair elastic.

I don't intend to return it.