(Technically, this is a weekend node)

This weekend I visited Winnipeg to see my lovely significant other. I hadn't seen her for approximately four weeks, as she is starting her MLA program, and I am teaching high school 2200 kilometres away.

This is not significant.

I had two turkey dinners (it was Thanksgiving in Canada this past weekend, folks!), visited with family, saw her campus and working space, went out a few times, watched some movies.

This is not significant.

We made love several times. Those moments were tender, passionate, and damn refreshing. We held each other for hours into the dawn. She kissed my forehead. I kissed her earlobes.

This is not significant.

Sunday evening, after we had dinner at her father's house, we decided to rent a movie. After watching it and snacking on leftovers, we snuggled in for some sleep.

This is not significant.

I rolled over and tossed my arm around her torso. We stayed like that, silent, for about 15 minutes. Then I asked: "Would you like to be engaged while you're in school?"

This is not (very) significant. Pay attention now.

She answered: "It doesn't matter. But yeah, maybe I would."

See, with us, marriage is really not a big deal. We're happy as we are, and we know that a wedding and some paperwork won't change the relationship. Or so we thought. I don't know why I asked. She doesn't know why she answered like that. All I know is: when I ask her to marry me (bar any stupidity on my part) she'll probably say yes.

This is significant. I am growing up.