A Call To Alms

or "Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?"

On March 24, 2002, the gods made the following offer:

"Don't like a writeup? For only 1000 USD, you can have it killed. For 10000 USD, it will be painfully killed! Hurry - this one-time-offer expires at the end of this month."

I've decided to take them up on it.

Now, as a Canadian student, I can't afford the grand myself. But I think I might have a solution: we pool our resources and see what we can nuke. All you need to do is head over to the Donation Box and make a pledge, and be sure to attach a note saying that you want it to go towards this little quest.

Now, we need a target. After some consideration and a few suggestions, I do believe the most easy and worthwhile target is none other than:

Butterfinger McFlurry

It's high-profile, considerably controversial, and isn't run of the mill. A perfect choice for a crusade, of sorts.

I request one concession: that the gods graciously extend the deadline to May 1st, 2002. (Update: They have agreed!)

So get into the Donation Box, and give what you can. We raise anywhere from $300 to $900 a month usually anyways, so now we do it with purpose. Message me with your amount and date of donation, and I'll make a note of it on my home node. Together, we can both support E2 and watch a little piece of nodegel burn brightly.

Step up to the challenge, folks!

Update: For clarification, these few points:
  • It would only be the first w/u that appears under Butterfinger McFlurry, of course, which just happens to be written by someone wonderful and understanding.
  • Any donation over a dollar US counts, and I'll also take any donations that were made as of March 24th, 2002.
  • To clarify, I have NOTHING against this particular node. It is just the most high-profile node that I could think of that would get people's attention and what not. This is for the financial betterment of E2, people. Honest! If you disagree with this method of fundraising, /msg me and TELL me why!
  • By popular demand! You can NOW donate to KEEP Butterfinger McFlurry around too! Just let me know which side of the dime you're on, and I'll post it on my homenode with the amount, etc.