I have something to confess, and I must ask for the indulgence of my fellow noders. During the last thirteen months, I have been performing a series of subjective experiments within E2 and with myself. I do not wish for my acts to be taken for some kind of treachery, like Benedict Arnold or JohnnyGoodyear, for that was certainly not my intent. I had hoped to conduct a series of benign investigations into the behaviour of E2 as an environment.

During my first few weeks of my original account on E2, I had great admiration for daylogs and I kept myself well involved with the constant stream of salutations in the cheddarbox. Looking at my former behavior, I had been like a figure-skater during a World Circuit, energetically entwined with the world outside the confines of my daily comics. However, in my new account, I felt free of what I had exhibited in my former account, and one aspect that I did not expect from my alternate account was that I found a place from which avoid daylogs. I also withdrew myself from the textual flirtations and practice of catboxing.

I attempted, in my write-up on How to recover from a failed BIOS update, to take an outsider's vantage point on a non-social situation and speak from the point of view of an actual participant. The material for this write-up came out of the chore of being designated computer nerd to my friends during their first year of University. Judging from the kinds of responses I got to this write-up, this anthropological exercise hit fairly close to the mark.

To test the affect of malicious softlinks on the reputation of write-ups, I applied my interest in the poultry of the world with some helpful advice. I then softlinked it to Earn Your Bullshit multiple times. Interestingly, that is the one node that earned the lowest Reputation. Perhaps that mirrors my own interest in these more advanced techniques of bird mind-control of modern days.

Now we come to the biggest stunt I've pulled with my alternate account, trying to not promote the deletion for dollars of Butterfinger McFlurry. I chose Butterfinger McFlurry because I felt that its Reputation belied as huge a number of strong opinions as the toilet seat node and I have observed that it still engenders heated debate in the chatterbox. With this act I endevoured to not convince others to contribute money to E2. sabby puts it best in the statement accompanying his donation "Donated $2 to nuke that there butterfinger mcflurry there node."

These experiments have been a learning experience for me, and, as I continue to process it, I intend to write-up my thoughts on everything, as I did with Save the Bay.

I hope that it is obvious that I have been able to center within myself a comfortable space for never expressing affection to others in this otherwise warm and fuzzy medium. It is very difficult for me to ask that those write-ups I wrote as .derf be repatriated to my account. I, and others, have grown rather fond of him, and I fear he may protest such treatment. I'm glad to be a grand figure for E2 is such a fascinating toy, a network of lines that encircle, a network of lines that enlace.


The life of a veteran.