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mission drive within everything
Power, Passion, Precision
Nothing out of the ordinary...
ditch responsibilities and new ones will replace them
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Born in the frozen tundra and abandoned by his birthparents. Was found by a pack of hot-blooded, sharp-toothed huskies who raised him as kin. Left the tundra at 18 to go to university. Currently resides at university.

-Is Male
-Lives in Canada
-Is a first year psychology major
-Roots for the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Team
-Likes people but doesn't often develop close personal relationships
-Recently captained a co-ed intramural dodgeball team that won the championship trophy
-Favourite X-Men is cyclops because of his propensity to lead, prudent decision
making and powerful mutant ability

Looks for in a Person:
-Knowledgable people, (but not know-it-alls)
-Humorous people, (but not utterly silly people)
-Honest people, (but not those who aren't willing to tell little white lies to make me feel better)
-A good, firm handshake

On a Separate Note:
People who dress like punks and spike their hair, people who white their faces with powder and wear black make-up, people who wear pants at their knees and baseball caps crooked with rims unbent. I don't get you, I will never get you.