Quote of the Day:

I've learned that judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from mistakes. - Omar Bradley

News and Views:

  • US Special Forces are taking part in raids in southern Afghanistan.

    Sound military strategy, forcing the Taliban to try and be in more places at once. Given the array of forces marshaled against them, they'll run out of resources sooner or later.

  • Preliminary results shows that the Anthrax bacteria used in the various attacks comes from a common strain. This raises the possibility that the attacks are related.

  • Beijing Makes Regulations on Organic Food

    According to the article, some of the organic products are for export, but there is also a significant domestic market. How much the world has changed when a nominally Communist country announces that it put regulations in place to 'protect the consumer'.

  • Several
  • locations about the web are urging that you upgrade your virus protection against the possibility of cyberwar and cyberterrorism.

    It's never a bad idea to keep your security and virus protection as up to date as possible. Practice safe computing.

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