(sigh) The bathroom remodeling project first mentioned here drags into it's third wearying day...

Major time / planning killers to date:

  • The *IDIOT* who installed the original tub set it on a blob of concrete, effectively gluing it to the floor. This meant it had to be pried out, and the concrete slab beneath leveled. (I didn't mention this in Saturday's log because I was at work during this phase and didn't find out about it until today.)
  • Sunday was plumbing day, which would have gone much faster if the nearby mega chain hardware store had kept a simple bloody common part in stock! I'd not normally have gone to the mega chain but the local friendly neighborhood hardware store was closed it being the Sunday of a holiday weekend. This meant we had to drive 12 miles to the next nearest *other* mega chain store to buy the parts. (24 miles of driving, a gallon of gas, all for $1.20 worth of parts.)
  • Today everything went not too bad until it came time to put the liner on the walls around the tub... And discovered we had put the blasted *window* six inches off. We spent the last half of the day ripping it out and putting it where it should have been in the first place.
It's *Monday night* and we are barely where we should have been *Sunday noon*.

Even more annoying.... We taped plastic sheeting around the walls so My Lady and I could take a shower in order to not overmuch shock anyone at work tommorow, only to discover the tub drain does not work properly. We both had to take a shower in water up over our ankles, then finish by washing our feet in a basin in the kitchen.

We kept repeating to ourselves, it will be worth it when it's done... it will be worth it when it's done...