Here in Gothenburg we got another 6 inches of snow, made everything look like Christmas cards again. Traffic ran as usual, the trams as well. Of course we are used to snow in this country, so people take it in stride. Only snowstorms with several feet of snow at once cause delays in traffic and suchlike.

I was expecting to have to brush snow off the co-op car when I went to pick it up, but someone had driven it earlier today, so I just had to log in and drive away. Very handy for me. I took my eldest son to the shooting range, parked in the deep snow outside. The indoor range was nice and warm. He shoots quite well with the air-rifle, better than he did with the .22 outdoors in autumn.

We saw a couple of the snowplow-and-salt trucks that clear the freeway on our way home. I love the way they make the snow crest up like a wave as they speed along. I also love driving on the freeway when there's snow, makes a cool cloud blow up behind every car. I feel like we are driving rockets instead of cars. I'm careful in the deeper snow when changing lanes, but drive as usual when in the tracks left by the other cars. Fast.

I'm tempted to book another car just to play around in the snow, do handbrake turns and stuff, maybe some powerslides... All just to freshen up my driving skills of course, not for the pure fun of it. Heh.