I had this dream a while back but it keeps popping up in memory, and I smile.

I was in San Francisco, in the center, and then I crossed a small stream to the north and was in a rolling hilly landscape with creeks and lots of old buildings. They were mostly cathedrals with a few offices of some kind belonging to them.

The creeks were flooded, or had been flooded and the roads and buildings had become undermined. Suddenly they all started collapsing, all around me, huge mud brick pinnacles splattering down, right next to me, making me dodge. I never felt at risk really, just needed to take a couple of steps to avoid the next huge pile of bricks and bells and whatnot. It was as if the collapsing followed me as I moved back down to the first creek, heading back into town. The bridge I was crossing collapsed, and I was standing in the water of the creek. One last tower spattered down into the creek and splashed me.

I love the texture and the feel of the crumbling bricks, transforming back into clay as they fell.