I keep dreaming about being able to fly without wings or anything. Last time I was in america with my father and mother in a lot for stuff that was impounded, trying to get the car I had bought in another dream out of hock. I had abandonned it in an airport parking space and it had been several nights since I left it.

The keeper wasn't letting us out with the car, and it took me a while to figure out that it was because dad hadn't payed our fee. I got sooo angry.

I started flying about low off the ground and wobbly, but then I grabbed ahold of dad and started to do loops, smashing him into the ground at each turn. We ended up outside the fence of the place, and he was still being realy uppity at me so I threw him a long way.

Meanwhile mom had payed and gotten the car out the gate so we were ready to leave, but we had to wait for dad to get back so HE could drive.

I think I am still mad at him for that.