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Here are some interesting (?) facts about the man known to some as Demione:

- I have a BA in Japanese from Ohio State, but the only thing I really ended up using it for is to run this hobbyist group on the internet called "Demiforce" (one of our specialties is hacking/translating video games from Japanese to English). There's money well spent (not)...

- I was on the crew team (competitive rowing) for Ohio State back when I was working on my degree. (A gay rower! Now that's original...)

- I cook good and i dress bad. Well, i wouldn't say 'bad' is the word for it, but I am definitely a tshirt and jeans type of guy.

- I am one of a rare cross-section of the American populace who not only enjoys things like sci-fi novels, RPG Video Games, computer programming, etc, BUT ALSO manages to bathe each and every day! (Well, maybe not EVERY day... I did take a shower today though! I swear!)

- Among the many recreational (ahem) activities I associated myself with during college, I got into drawing computer art three or four years ago. Now, ironically, since there's really not much demand for Japanese or computer programming in Columbus OH, I draw for a living - I work as a graphics designer / web developer. Also, some of my art was put up in the local bar "Union Station" for the month of July, and I plan on continuing to exhibit them at various other galleries in the future.

- Despite my relatively wholesome background I have this unnatural compulsion to regularly go out of my way to make a complete fool out of myself, especially in my gay life. I have utterly and completely embarassed myself on more than one occasion by abandoning all sense of logic and caution and approaching unquestionably straight college football players. I suppose it's just one of those masochistic things in me, to see how many times I can profess my lust to those humongous man-animals before one of them pommels me into an oblivion. Somehow I'm not dead yet. I don't know.