Return to Ms Blithe tours the great stereotypes of the world, part two (poetry)

2. [The Taj Mahal]

Ms Blithe's exquisitely [bead|beaded]
[salwar kameez] and
diaphanous [dupatta],
purchased [predictable|predictably] from
the Kinara [Bazaar],
do not make her look
any less the [tourist] here.
She sees this in the mirror
And yet, feels, somehow,
more ... [appropriate]...
she supposes
as she walks, head bowed,
toward the [preternatural]
whiteness of the dome.

She is almost [blinded by the light|blinded]
By the brilliant [excess]
of [shah jahan|Shah Jahan's] apparent love
for [Mumtaz Mahal],
realized in
[eternal] [marble].
But Miss Blithe cannot help
wondering - even as she gazes
drenched in wonder
at the [magnificence] -
just what the man
was compensating for..