The promise

A middle-aged MAN and a WOMAN, both well-dressed, stand in front of an iconic monument – The Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, The Leaning Tower of Pisa – any identifiable landmark you can project behind them (Alternatively, you can announce "Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower" at the beginning. They are both holding red roses or similar. (If at all possible, both characters should speak with upper-class English accents.)

Woman: So. You came.

Man: Of course I came. Did you think I would forget?

Woman: Well, it has been a long time.

Man: A very long time, yes.

Woman: (smiling) I should have known you'd never break a promise.

Man: You, more than anyone.

Woman: If only things had been different

Man: (sighs) If only.

Woman: Did you marry her, that girl?

Man: I did. We have seven children now. And a labrador.

Woman: And are you happy?

Man: Almost. Sometimes. But never completely. How could I be completely happy without you? And you? What has your life been?

Woman: I married a wonderful man, a barrister. We have two lovely children and (she falls silent)

Man: And?

Woman: (clutching the rose to her heart) and my life has been a barren, aching dessert of loneliness without you!

The MAN grabs the WOMAN'S shoulders, pulls her close, and kisses her briefly, but passionately.

Man: I should never have left you!

Woman: Oh Charles, Charles! Think of all the years we've wasted!

Man: (stepping back) But… My name is Nigel!

They look at each other

Unison: Um… terribly sorry…. mistook you for someone else.

They back away towards opposite sides of the stage.