Throughout the years, many attempts were made to make a female urinal. Since everyone knows that the reason the he guys bathroom lines are shorter is that we line up and piss in troughs, someone had the clever idea to make the ladies piss in troughs too!

There are the basic types of female urinals.

  1. The sit-down type: This type is based on the idea that many or most women just hover over a normal toilet seat when they pee anyway, so someone had the clever idea to add handle bars to the toilet so your legs didn't get so tired. This also lets you use less water, but would require stalls for real privacy. Example:
  2. The cup type: This type has a detachable cup that one presses up to one naughty bits and pees. I personally would never use something like this(Well, as a male, the world is my urinal) it seems kinda nasty, but it uses almost no water.
  3. The medical type: this doesn't really count, but is some sort of thing that the nurse holds up for you to piss in, this has been around for a while, and is actually used so people recovering don't have to get up to use the potty.