There a lots of reasons you might want to start smoking (social encounters, looking cool, etc.). There are also lots of reasons you might want to not smoke (death, etc.). But these issues are all covered in other nodes. What I'm here to tell you are some things to remember if you do decide to start smoking. Some may seem obvious, some might not.
  • Inhale when you light it.
    There is a reason people put cigarettes in their mouths when they light them. The damn thing just doesn't light if you don't pull the flame towards the end. You can get it to light without inhaling, but you look goofy.
  • Breathe it in
    If you are smoking for real, you usually want to breathe in more after inhaling. This draws the smoke from your mouth to your lungs.
  • You don't have to inhale every breath.
    You need oxygen to survive. Remember this. You don't have to draw the smoke into your lungs every time to take a drag. More importantly you don't need to put the cigarette into your mouth each breath.
  • Real men roll their own.
    Ok, this is up for debate, but rolling your own is fun. If you choose not to, the most generic cigarettes are Marlboro lights. If you do choose to roll your own, be careful, they are a lot stronger than filtered ones, and it's easy too smoke to much. Which leads to the next point.
  • Don't smoke too much.
    Cigarettes have nicotine, this is a drug. If you get all angst filled and decide to smoke a half of a pack in one sitting(as I have :-< ) you will get ill. You will get light headed and dizzy, and you will have to poop. you will do that and then you will have to vomit. you will do that, then you will feel better. So take my advice, and take it easy.

But really, you prolly don't wanna start smoking.

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