Well, after several weeks anticipation and as many days waiting of bank-bothering, I finally get confirmation of my funds transfer from my new job with a dot.com firm located in Great Britain. This money, of course, will go to buy a new computer so that I may use the latest bloatware in order to perform a job which I feel will tax my graphic skills to the limit of my patience. My current system, a woefully overpowered Pentium 100, simply does not cut the mustard when it comes to paint shop pro and adobe illustrator, though the addition of a marginally used Voodoo2 card (purchased at Future Shop for a bargain price of $49.76 CDN) does do a certain justice to my Quake 1 addiction. So, soon, perhaps by Monday I will have my new computer. I intend to aim for a Duron-powered system, as my budget does not allow me the luxury of a Thunderbird. Hark, do I hear an Intel advocate in the distance, crowing about how I should be buying a Celeron, as it is a better deal? Bzzzzt, I have no time for you.

On a lighter note, I burned my breakfast beyond edibility today, and have resorted to a pre-noon sustenance of pasta salad and broccoli. I'll be going to Metrotown later today, in order to purchase health insurance, even though I am Canadian, because the cost to me is laughable. More proof that the system works.