It's not that I've lost interest in voting, it's just that all of the major advertising parties simply suck. The Liberal party is corrupt and ignores the opinions of Westerners. The Canadian Alliance is very right wing, they want to bring up some issues of human rights that should be left as they are, and they want to renegotiate native treaties. The Progressive Conservative party is responsible for nearly every major tax that our country has had in the last two decades. And the NDP party, well, no sane person in British Columbia would vote for them after all the wasted money and corruption here.

That leaves the Bloc Quebecois, which has had seperatist leaning for years, and besides, doesn't campaign out west here. There is the Green Party, which has an admirable philosophy, but kind of rubs me the wrong way with their talk of banning GM foods, which may conceivably save millions of lives a year (Correct me if I'm wrong, please). There's the Canadian Unity Party, which seems to be a bit too religiously backed for my tastes (Not that that is so wrong, but it just bothers me).

And then there is the Canadian Action Party, which seems to care about the same basic things I do, and has no particular policies that I disagree with. Since they are the lesser of many evils, I can safely choose to vote for my local candidate, Will Arlow.

Oh, and don't complain about that lesser of evils thing, I know a lot of you Americans did the same thing in your election. I mean come on, Gore vs. Bush?