Things that have made me smile in the last few days:
  • My baby's smile. She knows how cute she is, damnit. She is making no effort to disguise the fact that she is manipulating me. When she smiles and grabs my finger with those strong little digits, casting sparkly grey eyes my way, i will kill to defend her. This is what mother bears feel like.
  • Orange and brown and yellow leaves drifting across the path through the park on my way to work. I think i would not be able to endure my job if i did not take the path through this park every morning.
  • The kids walking past my house on their way home from the party last night: "fuck you, Richard Nixon." "No, fuck you, Ronald Reagan." Sounds like a good party.
  • Corny anachronistic one-liners spouted by great leaders of history, in Civilization III. Talk about breaking the tension. What a great game.

Things that have made me want to hide away like Boo Radley, in the last few days:

  • Being blamed in a staff meeting for the inability of our dispatchers to multitask. This kind of thing makes my fur stand up. I start hissing and spitting. The day is ruined.
  • Once again, the crew of the Enterprise are acting like day-trippers, or to be more blunt about it, acting like the worst kind of tourists in the Middle East. "Oh, here's an ancient holy site, a monastery devoted to contemplative meditation in an atmosphere of solitude. Great, let's drop in and take some pictures." I can't believe how bad this show is. That's it, no more "Enterprise." There just aren't enough hours in my day.
  • Yet another round of stupid hoax e-mail warnings about terrorist attacks. As if we didn't have enough things to worry about, somebody had to go scaring the sheep. I'm glad the Internet was invented, for now every idiot on Earth can start his or her own nationwide bomb scare.
  • And of course, the ongoing situations in Afghanistan and Israel, and everybody who analyzes them to me. Hiss, spit. Repeat. Yes, i have to mention this - just because it's been going on for a while, doesn't mean we shouldn't think about it anymore.