So, what have we learned so far?
  1. There are shitloads of noders in New York.
  2. There are people who actually call people "noders". And some of them are not even noders!
  3. "No one here is ever going to be President." Loud cheers.
  4. Most of the people reading this are about ten years younger than me. I find this absolutely bizarre, with David Cronenberg overtones. The fact that most of them also seem to be brighter than me, and more fun to have at parties, makes it even more unsettling.
  5. stand/alone/bitch can read Hebrew. Be very careful around this woman, she knows too much of the secret lore. Under no circumstances should she be allowed near Project X.
  6. When people from E2 go to an E2 party and log onto E2 during the festivities to check out the webcams from the party, there is a slight but real danger of becoming stuck in an infinite recursive loop. Or something.
  7. When in doubt about whether or not to bring a six-pack to a party, always do so, because the need for beer has almost always been underestimated by the hosts. This should have been obvious after the last party i went to, when we ended up having to walk fifteen blocks to buy beers from a pub due to New Jersey liquor license laws demanding that all liquor stores shut down at 10:00.
  8. There are more ways to draw bipedal robots on construction paper than any of us knew.
  9. These noder people throw a hell of a party. I mean, like, music and all. And hookahs, and webcams, and piercings. And all the other stuff. And lots of nice people whose names i don't remember (i told you that would happen). There are four or five whose names i DO remember, but i won't mention them so as not to insult anybody else. Basically, if you were there, i either enjoyed talking to you and hope we'll meet again, or enjoyed watching you on the other side of the room and hope we'll get to talk sometime, or i really, seriously enjoyed listening to the music you were doing and totally hope you'll be making money doing that shit someday soon (if you aren't already). Nobody who was there last night cannot fit into one of these categories. You are all Cooled in the Everything behind my eyes.

Those, for the moment, are our observations from the party at the NY Noder Compound. Wait a couple of days, i'll figure some more shit out. You'll be the first to know, i promise. Now i need a lot more coffee, and the baby is demanding that i play with her.