A provincial park located on the eastern shores of Lake Huron in Southwestern Ontario. The pinery is a unique park in that it contains almost 50% of the world's remaining Oak Savanna, a rare type of forest. The Pinery's name is due to the vast numbers of pine trees planted during the early 1960's, virtually swallowing most of the park's remaining Oak Savanna. It wasn't until the 1980's that it was realized how unique and rare the Oak Savanna was. It was being stifled by the introduction of pine trees, and the putting out of forest fires, which were vital to the stability of the ecosystem.

Currently, the park is trying to restore and maintain its unique ecosystem with prescribed burns, and deliberate pine cutting programs.

The Pinery is a popular destination for campers on victoria day weekend (also known as may 2-4). Despite the park-wide alcohol ban on victoria day weekend, the park is taken over by hundreds of drunk teenagers and college students for one weekend in may every year.

The park has three campgrounds. Riverside, The Dunes, and Burley. Riverside is inland, and located along the Ausable river, which bisects the park. Riverside is taken up mostly by RVs. The Dunes is located behind the row of dunes which protects the forest from the harsh winds coming off the lake. Burley is the best campsite. Burley features small secluded campsites, and does not allow RVs or trailers. Burley is only open from May until September.