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In the extreme eastern end of the [city] is the [airport]. Just beyond the airport is a [desolate] dirt road named "[Creamery] Road", after the [dairy] which used to stand at the corner. Follow the road over the [railroad] tracks, past the massive [radar] dome, past the farm, to the end. Park your car and walk north along the airport fence, go underneath the fence at the [brook] and cross the brook. Follow the fence until it turns eastward, and continue to go north. This is the end of the rarely used secondary [runway].

If you came here at the right time of day (that is, [night] time), there should be a beautiful sea of [lights] stretching outwards towards the [terminal] off in the distance. If you're lucky, you can watch an [airliner] take off, and feel the roar as it turns its engines to full power.