Whoo, Sunday, Sunday, van drivin' fun day. I got no friggin idea why, but I think I have some kind of creativity overrun and if I don't tell the entire world about my boring day I'll burst a vein.

I went to church after waking up this morning, early service as usual. The youth sit up front, so I got a spot front row center and proceeded to chill. I sang one song and mouthed the rest. The pastor was going on about something, but regretfully I cannot remember what. Maybe it was the fact that Cory kept passing me notes on impossible paintball marker upgrades. Attempting to diagram how to bottomline a PT Enforcer without a bottomline kit kind of distracted me, I guess. In Sunday school we talked about the war and the end times, argued the semantics of the term "war" vs. "conflict", and expressed our general proudness of America's ability to kick ass. I love living in the South. There aren't nearly as many peace-loving hippie types as there are in, say, France.

After Sunday school, Alston, Jason, Cory (bearded jerk) and I stood in the parking lot of the church attempting to decide what to do until Andrew, the youth director drove up in his Taurus. Man, this is a bunch of boring crap. Are you still reading this? Dang. Anyway, he said his parents were coming in and he was going home to clean up. Having no idea of what other than that to do, we followed. Everyone except Cory, that is. He was acting like a bearded jerk to his parents and was grounded. Heh. I love it.

I stood around and looked busy while the others cleaned Andrew's house. I talked to the neighbor kid, ate some Cheez-Its, and generally tried to stay out of the way. Then we sat around and I threw a mini Nerf football up and down whilst lounging on the floor until Andrew had to leave for a basketball game. Leave for a basketball game? I thought his parents were coming in! I expressed this verbally only to find that he was lying to get us to clean up his house.

Lemme see, went home, went to sleep, woke up, showered, sat down at the computer. Here's where you come in. I'm writing this because I'm waiting for a steak to be grilled to perfection for my consumption. It's better than playing spider solitaire to pass the time. Better for me, anyway.