"There are some that feel like if they attack us that we may decide to leave prematurely. They don't understand what they are talking about if that is the case. Let me finish. There are some who feel like the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is, bring them on."

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America.

I. Dust

1. On the ground there were four bodies,
sprawling in grotesque death poses, the

No. Look here. THAT'S what you expect; there
are always at least two different ways of seeing

things. 1. On the ground there were four bodies,
sprawling in grotesque death poses, still smoking

from the fiery shrapnel as the sun dipped below
the horizon. Their eyes were shut and their mouths

were still a little open, as if they had died from
something as banal as thirst rather
-- Get the

picture now? Pun intended -- rather than an
RPG from medium-to-long range
-- but take another look.

2. Their mouths were still a little open, as if
they had expired their last breaths from their

punctured diaphragms
-- you want me to go on? Well,
okay...while searching for something appropriate

with which to punctuate
-- then of course, the news
reporter -- their last moments were undoubtedly filled

with thoughts of their wives, children, friends,
and family. May they
-- cutting off the broadcast

with a sharp slap against the control panel.

II. Interview

My answer is, bring 'em on!
Bring it on. That is my answer.

My answer, is bring 'em on!
Answer. Yours. Ours. But does it fit the question?

Is that your final answer?
Yes. Do I really need to say it again?

Keep attacking us.
Yes. Sprawling in grotesque death poses, bring 'em on.

You answered and they brought it on.
They pray and we will wait. You can do both, at once, in the dust.

On -- or make something active?
We're not going to leave. They will listen. Get the picture?

Bring -- or attract, or provoke?
That is my answer. I don't

'Em. -- What?! WHAT???!!!
Care what these people think. Time's up.

III. Challenge

It will be + as if + you're sitting alone in + the
bleachers + of a football + stadium and suddenly
+a dozen men run onto the field + they throw down backpacks
laden with food, water, ammunition + and toss their rusty,
ancient firearms + to the turf + their leader had given them + the order to come here +
and they strip off their shirts and produce + a battered and still smoking +
pigskin with a bit of dust + their mouths are a little open +
they look at you questioningly + you shout out +
to them defiantly + as you hold your place + in the stands

IV. Talk Show

23:47 (APPLAUSE) Good evening, George W. Bush!
23:48 Welcome to the network.
23:49 Take seat next to host. Sip coffee and start easy
23:50 With a few remarks about New York traffic.
23:51 Pretend to laugh at off-color GOP joke.
23:52 Tackle a sobering question on the war.
23:53 The host announces the arrival of a new guest.
23:54 Good evening, Jesse Ventura! (APPLAUSE)
23:55 Pretend to act surprised.
23:56 Act inflamed as Ventura starts tough
23:57 Guy routine directly in your face.
23:58 Deliver the line. Try to keep cool as Ventura
23:59 Hits you with a folding chair and
00:00 Pile-drives you into center stage.