In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Disaster", a young female character named Marissa, played by Erika Flores, had a semi-major supporting role. (Un)fortunately, one Stephen Ratliff just couldn't let go of the character, and wrote a TNG fanfic called "Enterprized", in which the 11-year-old girl, her name expanded to "Marissa Amber Flores", takes command of the Starship Enterprise, and single-handedly defeats a major threat to the Federation.

The story was, qualitatively, not very good. However, it was quite long, and a long fanfic receives attention within its fandom, whether it's excellent or lousy, and so was the saga of Marissa born. During the course of her illustrious career, Marissa would become both Princess of the planet Essex and military governor of the Romulan Empire, founded a junior division of Starfleet known as the Kids' Crew, defeat countless threats to the Federation, and become Jean-Luc Picard's adopted daughter.

Along the way, certain members of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fandom discovered Mr. Ratliff's stories, and fell upon them as fodder for a type of reactive fanfiction, popular in MST3K fandom, known as MSTing. Mr. Ratliff, being a good sport, allowed them to feast upon his works, and enjoyed his newfound notoriety.

As of June 2001, Marissa, in her Kids' Crew incarnation, has become a simultaneously beloved and reviled piece of TNG fanon. Mr. Ratliff is still writing, and the quality of his writing has improved significantly, with the somewhat unfortunate side-effect that the more recent MSTings of his work have been not very good. Whether, however, the Kids' Crew series is worth continuing, or is, in fact, dragging Stephen down, is beyond the scope of this node.