Return to Everything2 Decaversary Interviews: dann (person)

1. What is your name?

[dann|Dann] Lowell Stayskal

2. Tell us something about you, your background, and what you've been up to lately?

I'm a thirty year old human male, Czech-Texan, roughly six foot two. Day-to-day, I write software for a living, speak a few languages, and play a few instruments in a few local bands. If I'm not busy with that, I'm either running, reading, or researching, trying to ply my [Artificial Intelligence|undergraduate degree] into something more closely resembling [Linguistics Ph.D.|graduate work]. I'm not so much a [Natural Gas and Department Politics: A Love Story|grad student here any longer] as I'm that guy who occasionally hangs out on campus, creating problems for some professors while solving them for others.

Regarding my background, I was raised in and around churches, choirs, and computers, and still have my [The Baptist General Convention of Texas|minister's license]. I've used it about two dozen times, roughly half of which to perform weddings for people here on this site. Past that, I've made a living as an engineer, missionary ([We built orphanages|non-proselytizing]), linguist, tutor, sysadmin, and musician. I wrote a couple of books as an undergrad, and have rested my wayfaring soul in 43 states and nine countries so far. Much of that is thanks to you, everything2.

I currently live in Arlington, TX, but am writing this from [chaotic_poet]'s place during the [Noders By The Lake 2: I've Got This Nodermeet, and It's Fucking Golden|2010 Chicago gathering]. I'll probably move to Dallas here in the next few months to be closer to work while I apply to grad schools and fellowships again. Hopefully Grad School: Round Two will start in Fall 2011, though the jury’s still out on where that will be.

3. How did you discover Everything, and how did you become a noder?

Imagine a world without YouTube or MySpace, back when Wikipedia and LiveJournal were but fledgling tadpoles tossed about in the seas of [slashdot|a bunch of nerds' opinions on Star Trek and Linux kernels]. In that world, there were [seriously, have you HEARD about Linux kernel 2.2.19?|question marks] surrounded by [[I hear it even has a working driver for my token ring network card with the FAKE VULCAN EARS on it!|hard brackets]]. On July 12, 2000, I clicked on one of those question marks. That moment decided the next ten years of my life.

Now, I thought [everything2|this place] was pretty neat. They had articles (which they called "nodes") on just about everything, it seemed. Plus, I was pretty sure I even saw [jessicapierce|a girl] there! That's not something you'd find at Fidonet parties or late-night ham radio swap meets. That evening, while basking in the Jukka flow of [pedants|very smart people] who knew a whole lot more than me about subjects I never even knew existed, I decided I needed to be one of them.

I spent hours pouring over [University of Texas at Arlington|my first writeup]—brushing up my HTML, making sure my grammar and punctuation were perfect (because [dem_bones|that boney guy] was pretty scary). I apologized in the catbox for messing up some markup, as we didn't have scratchpads in those days. People confused me for [dannye|someone else] constantly. I was only my second year at university at the time, but I was already addicted to pouring my heart and mind into this "nodegel" thing I'd only learned of in that whirlwind of "oh my god these people are like me." So, I decided to stay, and [the them became the us].

4. What are your favorite writeups -- both your own and from other noders?

So far as things I've written that other people like, [Everything is a Family|this one] seems to have been a hit. I actually wrote that first with pen and paper [one hand on the steering wheel, the other writing in a notebook precariously balanced over a cup holder|while driving] from [WonkoDSane|Scott's] place in Nashville back to Dallas one weekend.

So far as things other people have written, I think "Oh, there are too many to list" is a cop-out. Here's a list—a few of them, actually. Wait, what? You thought this decaversary interview was about me? [Hahaha no,|Hahaha no]. It's about you. It always has been.

( We got the [beauty|kind of games] you can't [experience|rent] at [Wikipedia|Blockbuster] )

On Life, Death, and Spirituality

  • [Adam Purcell] by [panamaus]
  • [All the gold you can eat] by [dannye]
  • [Choosing my confession] by [J. Alfred]
  • [Desine fata deum flecti sperare precando] by [Mortice]
  • [Do you remember how small your body was when you were five?] by [jessicapierce]
  • [Everything2 is a community] by [hermetic]
  • [Everything is true and nothing matters] by [tandex]
  • [Fifty dollar freedom] by [jessicaj]
  • [For Christmas, I made my Mom cry] by [Rancid_Pickle]
  • [Fuck the models] by [mutant]
  • [Grandma Heimstadt] by [shaogo]
  • [Happy Pizza] by [liontamer]
  • [Helping your kid brother die] by [IWhoSawTheFace]
  • [Hermetic] by [karma_debt]
  • [I may dream in technicolor, but I trip the fuck out in old-school black and white] by [tandex]
  • [I never ventured in the woods and got drunk and slept] by [Scout Finch]
  • [In front of the tv, numb, trying not to think about it] by [icicle]
  • [I pray to God I can find the other sock] by [witchiepoo]
  • [I think you are my favorite today. Is that ok?] by [tandex]
  • [I was a homeless bum] by [FelonyMPulse]
  • [Kiss me, you are beautiful. These are truly the last days.] by [longwinter]
  • [Lessons on life, love and things of utter importance] by [Daoist_Dude]
  • [Living alone, one is apt to prefer a view of water] by [LaggedyAnne]
  • [March 23, 2010] by [vandewal]
  • [Now and just this moment, as is, in the present. Yes.] by [Jane]
  • [pushin' niceness] by [OldMiner]
  • [She's so cute] by [DejaMorgana]
  • [she's the reason the dust i finally leave will be better than the dust i came from] by [Scout Finch]
  • [Slaughterhouse tour, or Why I'm no longer a lawyer] by [floppy ears]
  • [Somewhere, there's a universe with your name on it, spelled out in consecutive constellations] by [Walter]
  • [Thanksgiving, suicide, and the breakdown of an already dysfunctional family] by [No Springs]
  • [The Couple, or so, Commandments] by [m_turner]
  • [The day I realized how sane I really am] by [juliet]
  • [The hardest loss of breast cancer] by [grundoon]
  • [the lost sky-line] by [telni]
  • [The mystic need for solitude] by [pacio49]
  • [The only witness to a suicide] by [milspec]
  • [Things that could be] by [gnarl]
  • [This is our place] by [Dimview]
  • [Tiny sections of time which curl into memories] by [jt]
  • [trying to be a feminist] by [Swap]
  • [Tunnel in the Key of G] by [tandex]
  • [Twenty-three good things about pickles and dirt] by [junkpile]
  • [We are the servants of our muse, and we toil where she commands] by [Scribe]
  • [We'll drink cheap wine and watch for shooting stars] by [doyle]
  • [What do you say to someone who has just had an abortion?] by [wertperch]
  • [When being chased by CIA trainees, don't mention Belgium to the waffle house physicist] by [phluid]
  • [When did you choose to be left-handed?] by [Schattenfreude]
  • [When we finally fall, it will be fast and sure] by [stand/alone/bitch]
  • [Why I torched the Crack House] by [mutant]
  • [Words of Advice for Young People] by [everyone|someone]
  • [You'll be something special one day. And you -- you have to take care of your sister.] by [magicmanzach]
  • [Zen and the Art of Hacking] by [18thCandidate]

On Music and Film

  • [( )] by [thyme]
  • [( )] by [dTaylorSingletary]
  • [A tale of two organs] by [Transitional Man]
  • [Amelie] by [anthropod]
  • [Amelie] by [conform]
  • [Amelie] by [dustfromamoth]
  • [David Lynch] by [panamaus]
  • [Home recording on a budget] by [uncleozzy]
  • [Jazz] by [pingouin]
  • [Jazz] by [sid]
  • [Jazz] by [shaogo]
  • [Music and Europe in the 17th Century, Medieval to Modern] by [sarabandegreen]
  • [Post-rock] by [Keithy G McD]
  • [Recording Ban of 1942] by [shaogo]
  • [Sigur Rós] by [birdlace]
  • [Sigur Rós] by [moongirl]
  • [The art of the mix tape] by [call]
  • [The art of the mix tape] by [mkb]
  • [The art of the mix tape] by [Mr. Hotel]
  • [THE INCREDIBLE HULK] by [Jet-Poop]
  • [THE LOUD NODE] by [FishHead]
  • [The Royal Tenenbaums] by [ignu]
  • [Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate] by [tusitala]
  • [Vocal percussion] by [Jurph]

Poetry, Prose, and Fiction

  • [Alien abduction] by [iceowl]
  • [A Photographer's Tips On Writing] by [originalzin]
  • [((Cover))] by [dem_bones]
  • [Diary of a Cereal Killer] by [Footprints]
  • [Elle sourit en apprenant que la fin du monde approchait.] by [izubachi]
  • [Every Tuesday, I dress as a 46-year old woman and waitress at a diner on route 27. This is the meaning of life.] by [Evil Catullus]
  • [Fear makes a man kill what he loves] by [iceowl]
  • [For a boat of white bone, and we three] by [ToasterLeavings]
  • [Good weather for airstrikes] by [izubachi]
  • [Guns don't kill people. Robots kill people.] by [allseeingeye]
  • [Happy Birthday From Planet Motherfucker] by [Igloowhite]
  • [How I became king of the world] by [riverrun]
  • [I am forced to smoke my cat] by [sockpuppet]
  • [I like my cat] by [Interstellar Scrotum]
  • [I want to hear you slap your thighs together] by [TheDeadGuy]
  • [I was tired. It was late. She was Russian.] by [Bitriot]
  • [I was tired. It was late. She was Russian.] by [Jack]
  • [I will take one ticket please to whatever you have to say please keep talking] by [junkpile]
  • [In timeless valleys full of stars] by [IWhoSawTheFace]
  • [LODIS] by [Pender]
  • [My soul is so viscous, I fear it may never pour out] by [instantkarma]
  • [Note pinned to a tree in Sherwood Forest] by [wertperch]
  • [Robot is to follow the sun] by [ac_hyper]
  • [Searching for signs of life in the bottom of a cup of cold coffee] by [Lucy-S]
  • [She is stupidly keeping herself a secret, when I know she has sparkly things to show me] by [tandex]
  • [She was most amazed by the obvious, like January and the fact that I could not possibly keep her.] by [etouffee]
  • [Some particles just shouldn't be accelerated] by [sam512]
  • [So this one-legged man walks into a bar] by [UterusHammer]
  • [sqrt(-1), sqrt(-1), sqrt(-1), sqrt(-1), canta y no llores] by [pablofanques]
  • [Standing on a mountaintop in northern Siberia under the rapidly descending bulk of asteroid McAlmont, with a calculating expression and a baseball bat] by [sam512]
  • [Steal Everything (Six by Six)] by [cabin fever]
  • [The Consequence of Depravity] by [sessor]
  • [The Dangers of Dating Smokers] by [Mr. Hotel]
  • [The pieces finally fit together, the pieces finally fall apart] by [tandex]
  • [The Serial Killer Jailbait Airline Lotto] by [Igloowhite]
  • [The terrorists have already won "ANY BREAKFAST BAGEL SANDWICH" at McDonald's!] by [Jet-Poop]
  • [There's nothing more depressing than an empty mailbox, especially today] by [allseeingeye]
  • [They say the prettiest girls get to be angels] by [Dimview]
  • [This ocean is angry but I might live through it] by [junkpile]
  • [We are a people in whose bodies old sea-seeking rivers roar with blood] by [Scout Finch]
  • [We can meet her for you wholesale: a dreaming girl's singularity] by [enth]
  • [We make lights to answer the stars] by [LaggedyAnne]
  • [Where do memories go to sharpen their daggers?] by [GhettoAardvark]
  • [Why I became a writer] by [iceowl]
  • [Why the willow weeps] by [halspal]

On Politics, Economics, and Military

  • [1000 Hours Deluxe American Superwar Gold!] by [Igloowhite]
  • [An eyewitness account of the Nagasaki bombing] by [Orange Julius]
  • [Another gray face for your new war] by [Yurei]
  • [A Sniper in Every Minaret] by [riverrun]
  • [Arguments for the Perceived Impending Revival of Imperialism] by [Tiefling]
  • [The Bible and same-sex marriage] by [haze]
  • [The Bible and same-sex marriage] by [RoguePoet]
  • [Computer games banned in Greece] by [alex]
  • [credit crunch] by [Noung]
  • [Economic problems in the Roman Empire] by [ilteroi]
  • [the Federal Reserve and inflation] by [sirspens]
  • [Fighting terrorism with terrorism] by [oolong]
  • [The growth of Islamic terrorism] by [tusitala]
  • [Guns don't kill people, I like mayonnaise] by [Minderbender]
  • [How to build a theft-proof lawn gnome] by [gduncan]
  • [The Knowledge Militia] by [The Custodian]
  • [Iraqi claims on Kuwait] by [Ayesha]
  • [Israel is a terrorist state] by [Footprints]
  • [Israel is a terrorist state] by [TheLady]
  • [Kirov-class cruiser] by [locke baron]
  • [L'Antiamericainisme en France] by [kaytay]
  • [Meek and obedient you follow the leader down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel] by [The Custodian]
  • [O Freunde nicht diese Töne] by [tusitala]
  • [Russia and the West] by [Noung]
  • [The Pot and Kettle War] by [Tiefling]
  • [REMFS] by [riverrun]
  • [Socialism With A Human Face] by [whizkid]
  • [Terror and Liberalism] by [shokwave]
  • [Terror and Liberalism] by [Noung]
  • [To the Man on the Hill] by [Roninspoon]
  • [To the peace movement, on the night of its failure] by [aeschylus]
  • [The United States should go to war with everyone] by [sekicho]
  • [Us vs. Them] by [thbz]
  • [War in Iraq, pacifism, and the real world] by [Dreamvirus]
  • [You are not special. You will die here, too.] by [iceowl]
  • [Your Ending Here] by [Yurei]

On Science, Medicine, Language, and Technology

  • [A case study in genetic ideation] by [CaseStudy]
  • [As a matter of fact I did invent the Internet] by [Halspal]
  • [Building an ICBM out of matchstick heads and PVC pipe] by [Jurph]
  • [Can we cure AIDS?] by [OneDragons]
  • [Consumer quantum mechanics] by [iceowl]
  • [creationism] by [Two Sheds]
  • [Data Cult] by [vandewal]
  • [Dinosaur reproduction] by [Halcyon&on]
  • [Ego Defense Mechanisms] by [ModernAngel
  • [The Eugenics Problem] by [Lometa]
  • [Global warming] by [Princess Therion]
  • [How to destroy the Earth] by [sam512]
  • [How to land a jet plane on an aircraft carrier] by [ring_wraith]
  • [Inferiority complex] by [borgo]
  • [Internal combustion engine] by [wrinkly]
  • [Learning a language] by [eliserh]
  • [Learning a language] by [mordel]
  • [Learning a language] by [whizkid]
  • [Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Problem of Other Minds] by [adder]
  • [Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Problem of Other Minds] by [cabin fever]
  • [Memory] by [RainDropUp]
  • [Microsoft's ActiveX idea, it must now be conceded, is a bad thing.] by [ring_wraith]
  • [Modelling physical systems] by [Omnidirectional Halo]
  • [Nazca Lines] by [sid]
  • [Neural network] by [Kalkin]
  • [Neural network] by [Tristan]
  • [Peak oil] by [doyle]
  • [Peak oil] by [Tem42]
  • [Peak oil] by [whiteire]
  • [Penises have higher bandwidth than cable modems] by [enth]
  • [Presocratic Greek Philosophers] by [RainDropUp]
  • [The programmer's dilemma] by [dabcanboulet]
  • [Quran chronology] by [Two Sheds]
  • [Sanskrit and Mathematics] by [Martian_Bob]
  • [Some thoughts about the Language of Thought] by [JerboaKolinowski]
  • [That Thursday the Universe was curved in the morning and was flat again by afternoon] by [SyntaxVorlon]
  • [The top secret of talking like an American] by [whizkid]
  • [Unsharp Mask] by [SharQ]
  • [We are starstuff] by [smartalix]
  • [We're all missing the point on computer security] by [dg]

On Society and Culture

  • [A Prayer for Everythingians] by [doyle]
  • [A short history in a long scar] by [heyoka]
  • [A Thousand Points of Light] by [18thCandidate]
  • [Fighting Despair] by [Jaez]
  • [Heraclitus and language] by [PacificWall]
  • [How to have an out of body experience] by [iceowl]
  • [It's the cracked ones that let light into the world] by [Wuukiee]
  • [Jenchiladas] by [androjen]
  • [Jennifer Love Hewitt's gratuitous cleavage for the extended duration of your ritual defecation] by [haunt]
  • [Life in the American business world] by [PUssyKat]
  • [Manufacturing Consent] by [Purvis]
  • [Manufacturing Consent] by [Trilateral Chairman]
  • [Male Homosexuality in American Comic Books and Japanese Manga] by [chaotic_poet]
  • [Mary Lansing] by [Wiccanpiper]
  • [monday morning after the zeitgeist] by [cassparadox]
  • [Moral hazard] by [Noung]
  • [My interview with the gay porn star] by [Tato]
  • [Shoot for the stars] by [Unless]
  • [strip club] by [avalyn]
  • [Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning] by [graceness]
  • [The good, the bad, and the skinny on hugs] by [nota]
  • [The Great Advent Antiphons] by [Tiefling]
  • [The principles of nuclear weapon safety and meeting girls are remarkably similar] by [codic]
  • [The Secret Lives of Girls] by [LaggedyAnne]
  • [The six rejections game] by [misuba]
  • [Touch the Puppy] by [theonomist]
  • [United States v. Lucite Ball Containing Lunar Material] by [haze]
  • [Today Is the Tomorrow You were Promised Yesterday : 200 years of Information] by [legbagede]
  • [Two nations divided by a common language] by [Tiefling]
  • [Unhealthy views of female sexuality] by [Wuukiee]
  • [Walk behind a woman] by [QXZ]
  • [We don't talk about those sorts of things] by [izubachi]
  • [Weird headless death cult of writer apostles] by [iceowl]
  • [When did the future switch from being a promise to being a threat?] by [Unless]
  • [Why are new books so expensive?] by [Lucy-S]
  • [You can do anything] by [alex]
  • [Your organic hemp shopping bag alone cannot save the world] by [wertperch]


  • [23 Days in Bhutan] by [cbustapeck]
  • [A day in the life of Everything, Kansas] by [grundoon]
  • [Australia] by [Orpheum]
  • [Banned from the USSR] by [vilk]
  • [Berne's feminist graffiti] by [siobhan]
  • [Canada] by [Palpz]
  • [Ciudad Juarez] by [sid]
  • [Ethiopian greeting etiquette] by [izubachi]
  • [Eyes in Romania] by [ElevenFiftyNine]
  • [Getting around in China] by [Squalor]
  • [How to get to Antarctica] by [iceowl]
  • [How to ride long distances in a car] by [QXZ]
  • [Icelandic Pronunciation] by [izubachi]
  • [Iraq] by [Noung]
  • [mulespotting] by [panamaus]
  • [Things I had not seen before coming to America] by [whizkid]
  • [Things nobody tells you about the south pole] by [iceowl]
  • [Two Tiny Knives] by [dharbigt]

5. What are your favorite and least favorite memories from E2's history?

Favorite: My big cross-country noder road trip. Left from Boston, drove through New York City, Atlanta, a mountain range, Nashville, a hurricane, Dallas, a desert, Tucson, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, another mountain range, Salt Lake City, Chicago, then finally back to Boston. All so I could attend [ideath]'s [Head West! Colonize an already-inhabited place!|Portland] gathering and nodeslam.

Least favorite: Getting the call from [templeton|Laura] that [hermetic|Adam] did what he did. I was chatting with him on IRC that morning. By the time I got to work, he was gone.

6. What keeps you coming back?

That's an easy question: the people. The people here are and always have been what make E2 a home for me. As of this weekend, I've met 335 of you. That's an average rate of 33.5 noders per year, mostly at [E2 Gatherings].

[panamaus] says The hug dann gave me outside the departures gate at Logan is among the most deeply sincere displays of affection I have ever felt in my life (dann's hugs are usually like that — I highly recommend them)
-- from his writeup [I'M GUNNA BE WICKED RETAHDED: Come for the scenery, stay for the BAP (another E2 nodah pahty)|here]

Chances are good that I've given hugs to you:

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If I've met you and your name isn't here or your name is wrong somehow, /msg me and I'll add or fix it. I promise I haven't forgotten you, but there's a nonzero chance I forgot to add someone to this list over the years.

7. What do you hope for E2's future?

[GhettoAardvark] says As long as we node, E2 will not die.

I largely agree.

For E2 as people, [doyle]'s [A Prayer for Everythingians] pretty much sums up my hopes.

For E2 as a body of writing, my hope is that we keep writing, and that our writings outlast our bodies.

For E2 as a website, my hope is that our servers stay online and that we keep getting grant funding.

8. What does E2 mean to you?

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night

-- [Allen Ginsberg], from [HOWL]

( the only book guaranteed to be near my person at all times )



[DEUM (nuked)|Who] opened my world to internet strangers without the blessings of fashion or common sense, a wandering cabal of Trotskyists under a statue of Lenin in Dallas,


[DEUM II (nuked)|Who] did it again and was stricken with [September 2, 2001|peripheral paralysis], but warmly welcomed wanderers with a limp and a smile,

[Revenge of Nature Trail to Hell (in 3-D): A Very Appalachian E2 Gathering... OF DOOM!|Who] climbed into the sky [Tunnel in the Key of G|with drums, with tunnels], [mulespotting] drinking [Martini of Death|the first spirits to cross minister lips] from the hand of [Hermetic|the creator] wearing a Russian name tag,

[Hollandaise VaporMeet|Who] sang, shouted, wandered around churches until early dawn in Michigan while Klaproth crawled the floor in a pink plastic ball,

[FINALLY, a New Orleans gathering: music, mayhem, beer snobs, and Bourbon Street (nuked)|Who] drank grenades on Bourbon Street, stumbled to St. Charles before the Hurricane, seeing [oenone, you know this|UFOs dot the interstate] on their way back to Texas,

[Squished tubers and dead bird: An orphans' Thanksgiving (nuked)|Who] forfeit the blood for bytes for a flurry of hugs, prayers, and fake Chicago accents in Nashville,

[Grouper and oysters and shrimp, oh my! An E2 New Year's gathering on Florida's Gulf Coast|Who] danced around a time zone fire at midnight in Florida and woke up to a plate of drugs and love and [but mostly love|black eyed peas], wandering eyes smiling,


[Get your ass to Mars: An Atlanta E2 gathering (Whizbang the Second Coming)|Who] memorized credit card numbers over foosball, [ccunning|an accidental hoss] behind a vegetarian diner in Atlanta,

[Meet Me Tonight In Atlantic City: A Jersey Shore Noder Gathering|Who] sold their belongings and moved to Boston in a car from Dallas then turned around towards Jersey at daybreak, Irish car bombs and cigarettes to the shore [homeless|where they felt at home] and so did Gus, a thick haze of [yard work|smoke under] the pier at midnight, dragging visions up and through tattered train tracks holding high the noose of industrialization,

[I'M GUNNA BE WICKED RETAHDED: Come for the scenery, stay for the BAP (another E2 nodah pahty)|Who] led lost tribes of [E2|Eahtoo] through [Boston, MA|The Holy Land] by word of [cahla|St. Carla of Medford] in search of beer and booty and robots, preparing sacrifices that did find favor in the eye of [tandex|the king],

[I see you baby, shakin' that Astoria: You are the dancing Queens|Who] rocked [rockbots|the basement] and [yard work|cut grass] on the porch in Queens, anonymous love letters in satchels wandering 2AM J and M in search of gyros and still smelled (like) grass,

[HOT DAMN 2! When Ohio's a rockin' don't come a knockin'|Who] greeted [zophos|Mississippi] in Ancient Greek on foot through Ohio, [nodeslam|slamming prose] into rusted mikes, lesbians and mokeys and [SOY! SOY! SOY! Soy makes you strong! Strength crushes enemies! SOY!|soy! soy! soy!] on playgrounds through pride parades, [Bless your brown eyes smiling|brown eyes smiling],

[Son of Nature Trail to Hell: Another Appalachian E2 Gathering|Who] swapped talent in an Appalachian forest, backyard cardboard robot firefight climbing lower through PBR and hit kickers, synesthetic blue lights through boxes boxes boxes of mix CDs,

[Head West! Colonize an already-inhabited place!|Who] drove through mountains and hurricane in search of [Daniels|Jack] into the [portland nodeslam|binary] [did he REALLY have that writeup MEMORIZED?|flow], populating bookstores in Portland, breaking playgrounds chain smoking and ending up lost on the salt flats at sunrise,

[New York, New Years|Who] piled into an [New York City Noder Compound|abandoned Brooklyn factory] with many [Don Red|busted flows],


[Five Bucks Says Blood Bounces on Ice: Another Jersey Shore Noder Gathering|Who] took another turn to Jersey, washing stale popcorn in cheap beer, driving night and day and night again to lie in fields smiling,

[Dannye|Who] learned how to really [southern preacher uncle|sell a washing machine] lost in Little Rock through pizza and pronunciation and litterbox duty,

[We don't swim in yer toilet, so don't fuck us over or you'll need 2 wheelchairs, fool: An Partie|Who] took two wheelchairs to Atlanta to baptize his firstborn in scrambled eggs, swapping notes and back under tents made from tables and couch parts,

[HOT DAMN 3! nodestock|Who] flew to Ohio to be accosted in tents and got back on a plane covered in [cremora|a flammable white powder] with no questions and no answers,

[Noders in love: Marrying my best friend|Who] was picked up in White Plains by [brassmule|a truck] to Poughkeepsie, sleepless dancing autistic acorns and prayer hammering the barman for something green and free,

[A Tail of Two Monkeys|Who] performed two weddings in one weekend in Nashville, one of which is still intact behind the shadow of a redneck reconstruction of an ancient pagan monument, burning Luckies in a diner under ministerial vestments,

[siobhan|Who] uprooted and went to Switzerland with nothing but a backpack and a smile, finding peace in the foothills of the Alps, sneaking into [University of Berne|university] to learn German using only Latin and patience,


[fitzroy|Who] migrated to London for New Years, stealing pint glasses smoking cubans in the attic of The Librarian,

[WonkoDSane|Who] encircled a [Burnpipe|minor deity] made of corrugated pipe in Nashville, eating the food that food eats,

[siobhan|Who] drove from Miami to Tampa to Atlanta to Columbus to Chicago to Dallas to Boston to New York in search of theater when the damn thing broke back in Tampa and nobody noticed,

[indigoe|Who] reconvened in a Baltimore cuddle pile when it was [IWhoSawTheFace|turtles all the way down]town through the force of a six foot plastic rod,


[dem_bones|Who] placed [dann|an engineer] in charge of [everything2|a garden] and disappeared in a puff puff pass of exasperation,

[We miss our friends: A dysfunctional noder family reunion|Who] made it back to Columbus armed with bluebonnet seeds to receive love from peers and a kindly fuck off from [girlfriend|the queen], scaring children away from playgrounds,

[dann|Who] lost the will for music through dysfunctional relationship soul [national defense|crushing work] some idle [a stroke, or how to have one|Thursday] in an apartment cursed to nothing more than perfection,


[There Goes the Neighborhood! 2: Unfinished Business|Who] raced through Kentucky to get to West Lafayette and back, pouring themselves through comics and music and plastic beads, howling at the wolves,

[ariels|Who] got found and lost and found on the shores of Tel Aviv contemplating entropy and time and only the most miraculous hummus,


[Hot Damn 5! The Dysfunctional Family Reunion Strikes Back|Who] camped out again in Ohio, back porch smoking late night ghost stories, limping cane limping through the Baruch atah Adonai Elohenu melech ha olam blessings spread before flat, inconsequential areas and unnecessary politics.



([the worst year of my life|2008])

[katherine the|What] horror of genes hath God wrought? [gender?|What] hell of [a writer with one working hand|crippled] canes and forgotten medicines and fake [The top secret of talking like a Woman|laughter] and [passing|crawling] without [surgery|teeth] or [joy|sound], receding hairlines [graduating|passing under] capitalist [universities|behemoths] waving [The Visceral Society|sweaty] [Owning Conversation|manuscripts] dreaming [Genderfuckery of the highest order|the ability to limp again]? Enduring [transition|night] to [walk|wake]? Perhaps again [to make music|to pray]?

[Or, the inability to move my left leg and left arm|Paralysis]! [Alex], you must take [everything2|this weight] from me!

[Shaving until your face bleeds|Paralysis]! Paralysis! [face and hands and cock and (endless) balls and arms and feet and voice and mind|hidden pieces] intact! [Gender as social capital|edifice] [rex|shattered]! [Anomie]! Isolation! Paralysis! Thy [diagnosis|name] is [a pancreas that can't handle|hubris] and [gluten|folly] and [hard cheese|vanity]!

[Bisexual polyamorous wife|Paralysis]! [divorce|Abuse and recognition]!

[Splitting totems of concrete shamans]!



([Eighteen seconds before sunrise|2009])

I am with you in [HOT DAMN 6! Westward HO|Oregon], if only in [broken|spirit].

I am with you in [Children of the Corny 5: 5'll get you 10!|Heyworth], wondering if I still [E2 gatherings|belong], freezing in the ham radio basement meditating on the 4am concrete with skunks, lecturing on physics through tired eyes [remembering that I am loved|flickering brake lights] when [androjen|you] helped me stand and [avalyn|you] gave me rest and [vandewal|you] [alex|you] [OldMiner|you] listened listened spoke listened.


I am with [Jet-Poop|you] in Denton, in classical guitar [The Ink Well|girls nightmare flashlight party] of late night day-bright hazy garlic tacos.

I am with [roninspoon|you] in Vegas, if only for lunch, catching up after five years, thousand mile stare holding things I can't imagine.

I am with you in [Noders By The Lake 2: I've Got This Nodermeet, and Its Fucking Golden|Chicago], asana sleeping, chattering under the El down to Wrigley, serenading sexpot atrium cuddle piles, wandering little Asia in search of dim sum, loving [despite|through] the [self image issues|plastic chairs], through never have I ever vodka and vodka and whiskey and more vodka, through the [rock band|plastic] instrument [It's a nice day to start again|philharmonic].

I am with you in [Children of the Corny 6: INTO THE WOODS!|Bloomington].

[Sometimes words fall into place, sometimes place falls into words|Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!]

( all of these stories are true. [Except for the UFO--I was too shocked to grab my camera|I have photos]. )

9. Who are your favorite noders? Which ones do you miss the most?

Now would be a good time to scroll back up to question 6.

10. Who would play you in the Everything2 movie?

[eien_meru] says Danny Devito? Andre the Giant? Antonio Banderas?

Not having owned a working [kill your television|television] in fifteen years, it's hard for me to say. There was [Rain Man|that one movie about the guy who memorizes phone books], though, and he was [autism|a lot like me]. So, yeah, maybe [Dustin Hoffman|that guy]. [Definitely|Yeah].

11. Please fill in the blank: "E2 is to the Internet as ___ is to the world."

the Internet

E2 is to the Internet as the Internet is to the world. We connect people to other people using [nodes and edges, nouns and verbs|technologies] and jargon that only a relative few understand. Those who get it, though, could hardly imagine a world without it.

12. Any questions that I didn't ask that I should've?

Nope, I think that about covers it, [Jet-Poop|Mr. Poop]. It's been a good ten years.

[Shiny like jazz hands|Here's to the next ten].

[Everything2 Decaversary Interviews]

If you have questions or comments, please contact [dann] or [Jet-Poop].